10 Ways to Establish Trust in All Your Relationships

March 14, 2017 - 0 Comments

It takes time and effort establishing a healthy trust relationship, whether it’s in a professional work environment or in your personal life. Whether you’re wondering how to know if you can trust someone, how to become trustworthy or how to ever trust anyone again, here are 10 ways you can establish trust in your relationships:

1.) Listen to yourself even when it is easier not to. Trust yourself to live by your values. People feel violated or violate others because they failed to listen to their own better judgment.

2) Build friendships, relationships, intimacy and love gradually over time. Immediate, intense, impulsive connections represent immaturity, dependency and a fear of being alone. Although this fast pace is romantic and makes great Lifetime movies, in real life “Easy In” is often followed by “Easy Out.”

3) Listen to how others speak of their friends and family. *Be loyal to those who are not present. (*Loyalty to those not present is a Stephen Covey term referring to speaking about people in the same manner when they are absent as you would when they are present).

4) Behavior speaks louder than words. Observe behavior. Alignment of words and actions creates healthy trust. Trust is damaged when words and actions conflict.

5) Honor personal privacy. Respect your own privacy as well as the privacy of others. Keep some feelings and information private. Never share information you cannot afford to disclose.

6) Set limits, enforce limits and honor others’ limits. Trust requires that “no” means “no.” Say “no” without feeling guilty. Respect another’s right to tell you “no.”

7) Teach people how to treat you. Do not tolerate or reward another’s inappropriate behavior. Take responsibility for negotiating your needs in every relationship. Notice when your anger creates difficulty with people relating openly with you.

8) Be honorable. Keep promises. Be trustworthy. Maintain your dignity.

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