3 Ingredients You Need to Get a Great Business Idea

July 27, 2017 - 0 Comments

Owning a business. This has become the dream for a lot of Kenyan youth. What does it take though, for one to have an idea that everyone would buy into. Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that your business idea should be a solution to a problem.

Here are three things you need to practice doing to find the perfect business solution.

Be Open Minded

Remember how when you were a kid, you had an active imagination. You believed you could fly like superman or fight like Rambo. Now that you’ve grown up, you are probably skeptical of your own thoughts and ideas. You need to learn to dream big again. Do not dismiss the ideas you come up with, even when they seem too good to be true.

Get a notebook, and in it, write any idea you come up with. Don’t type your ideas on your laptop or phone, seriously!

Learn to Be Observant

Observe yourself. Learn to look at yourself in a different way, look out for the talents you tend to overlook or undervalue. A lot of people say they do not have talents, but if you opened up and paid attention to your abilities, they might be surprised by what they can do.

A lot of us are uncomfortable with the idea of running a business because we don’t think we are leaders. If you’re one of those people, please watch this TEDTalk about how leadership comes naturally to all of us.


Once you know your talents and your abilities, find a way to connect all of them together. Once you know how they connect with each other, find a way to connect them with the world by seeing how they can help people.

Think “what problem can I solve?” If you can cook, is there a way you can deliver lunch to offices at a friendly price? If you’re craftsy and love DIYs, is there a way you can transform everyday household items into something appealing?

All these are things you need to practice doing regularly. You’ll be surprised by the amount of inspiration you’ll get doing this.



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