3 Weird Fashion Trends You’ll Be Happy You Never Witnessed

June 16, 2017 - 0 Comments

Still not over the fact that the Romphim (yaani Romper for Him) exists? Well here are 3 strange fashion trends from the past that you will be glad you never saw.

Black Teeth

In England, during Elizabeth I’s reign sugar was an expensive commodity. The queen had a sweet tooth, and given that she could afford it, she over-indulged. He teeth were as a result black and decaying. Funny thing is that even though her black teeth were a consequence of neglect, it sparked a strange fashion trend. Women would purposely blacken their teeth to prove they had enough money to buy sugar. Imagine that!

A portrait of Queen Elizabeth I. The Queen controlled the production of her portraits, and so had anything that did not flatter her destroyed.

The Hobble Skirt

As if it wasn’t bad enough that women were “suffocating” themselves in corsets! In the early 1910s, the hobble skirt became a fashion trend that helped prevent women from taking large steps. At least that’s what one theory claims. The word “Hobbling” refers to tying an animals legs together to prevent it from running away.

The best thing that came from this strange fashion fad was the death of the petticoat. Not the petticoat you know, but the old-school ones that used to weight as much as 13 kilos. The hobble skirt however died when World War I brought on an atmosphere of hard work, a strict economy and serious times. With women taking jobs that were done by men, it became impracticable to hobble around. I mean, if you can’t get into a car how can you function anywhere else?

Cool fact though… Christian Dior was inspired by these designs and created a shorter version: the pencil skirt.


Men have been, since the beginning of time, been obsessed with their junk. So much so that there was a period in time when they would wear penis enhancements. Yup! These enhancements were called codpieces. They earliest versions were carved from wood, and attached to the crotch of men’s trousers to accentuate size.They served the purpose of making a man feel good about his manhood and were at a point symbols of virility and political prowess.

Clearly, the world of fashion will forever pull the carpet from under us.

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