3 Social Media Trends You Should Take Advantage of in 2017

February 09, 2017 - 0 Comments

Whether you’re a social media expert by profession or you are simply interested in building your personal/business brand online, you need to keep up with how digital trends shift. The earlier you adopt these trends into your social strategy, the better you will be with regards to meeting your KPIs. Here are 3 Social Media Trends you can take advantage of in 2017.

1) Live Videos

Live video content will continue to be on the rise, as more marketers are expected to use it. According to Social Media Examiner, 43% of marketers said they would experiment with interactive videos in 2017. Live videos are now on major social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There is even a local app, known as Live Baze, that gives users live video access to their favourite celebrities.

If you’re just starting to build an audience on Social Media, you need to first consider where your audience spends time on social media, then try to connect with them on those networks.

Here’s what you can broadcast:

  • Live Stream Events
  • Host Q&A Sessions and Product Demonstrations
  • Host fun celebrity/influencer hangouts.
  • Interviews
  • Behind-the-scenes looks
  • Contests and giveaways, etc

2) Use of Messaging Apps

A lot of Kenyan brands are already utilising apps such as Facebook Messenger to leverage their presence. Instant Messaging apps allow for quicker one on one interaction with the audience. Think of ways you can use the most popular Instant Messaging App, WhatsApp, to engage with your target audience. However, keep in mind the fact that SMS is not dead. According to the communications authority, in the last quarter of 2016, 11.6 billion SMS were sent.

3) Social Media Ecommerce

A lot of businesses, big and small, have turned to social commerce to sell their services and products. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter already added ways for users to buy products from directly within the apps. It is reported that Snapchat is also experimenting with ecommerce features.

In Kenya, we already see products being marketed on Instagram and Facebook, and respond to a call-to-action to message the seller to make orders. Will we see more people using the “Shop Now” button? It does make the integration of social marketing with commerce much more seamless and easy.


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