5 Success Lessons you Can Learn from King Kaka

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…No matter what career path you’re on

Rapper King Kaka who is 29 years old, is incredibly talented. His story is quite the motivation for anyone with an ambition. Here are 5 lessons you can learn from him that could get you to where you want to be.

Look at your past to find out what your true interests are

Rabbit was entertainment captain in his high school While studying in Eastleigh High School, he became the school’s Entertainment captain. His love for the arts was evident then. He would always organize funkies that would propel talent competitions and music initiatives.


If you’re still trying to figure out your interests, think about what you enjoyed doing when you were younger. You might be surprised when you remember something you used to love to do that you totally stopped doing. Try and revive your old interests and passions to see where they may take you.

Find a Mentor and learn from them

After Rabbit finished High School, he knew he wanted to pursue music. It was his desire that led him to take advantage of the networks he came across. He met a high profile music producer, DJ Loop, who signed him on a 2 year contract. Thus began his journey in the world of music.


Do not hesitate take an opportunity to network with someone who’s already in your desired industry. Latch onto them and try to use their networks to grow your own networks.

Never stop working towards your goal

It wasn’t easy for King Kaka to get to where he is now. Doors were slammed in his face, the struggle to make money out music was harder than you can imagine. He however kept at it, determined to get to where he wanted to be. He now has an empire that is widely known across Kenya.


It’s going to get tough for you. Nothing worthwhile comes easy; if it was easy, we would never appreciate success. So don’t be afraid of risks or failure, there is nothing you cannot do as long as you are determined. The challenges will come and go, and you will laugh about them.

It does not matter where you come from

King Kaka came from a very humble background. He grew up in Eastlands, Nairobi, Kaloleni, Jericho and Maringo. Late last year, Kaka opened up about how his mother sold fruits in industrial area while his dad was a caretaker. His family literally fell under the poverty line – living under a dollar a day. He did not let the harsh reality hinder his dream. He instead used his background as a strength, gaining inspiration to work hard.


You can achieve anything you put your mind to, no matter where you’re from. As the cliched saying goes – where there is a will, there is a way.

Work on continuously growing your brand

From the moment the rapper, King Kaka got into the industry, he started to build his brand, curving a niche for himself. He did this by ensuring he further perfected his art. He has continued to evolve and expand his repertoire – He dived into some acting roles, consistently released new music, got to a point where he started a water company, started his own music production company… Did I mention he’s also now a video director and an executive producer? Now his brand is larger than life, and there is still room for so much more!


Stay consistent with what you’re doing, but do not shy away from evolving. Your new experiences could take you further than you imagine.


That being said, what other things do you love about King Kaka’s inspirational journey to success?

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