8 Things in Business More Important Than Capital

June 16, 2017 - 0 Comments

Jaymo: I have this business idea, and I think it’s going to be massive.

Mickey: An idea? Kumaanisha hujaanzisha iyo biashara?

Jaymo: Eeh! Si unajua vile nimesota joh!

Mickey: Kwa ivyo?

Jaymo: Ai boss! How do I start something bila capital? Wacha nihustle iyo dolare kwanza ndio nianze.

A lot of us give up on our dreams because we believe that we do not have enough resources to pursue them. Having plenty of money will make it easier for you to start your business, yes! However, there have been a plethora of stories of people who started with no capital and now make fortunes.

Here are 9 things more important than capital that you can make you successful:


1 – Time

You can lose money and with enough time find a way to recover. When it comes to time though, once you loose it, you can never get it back. Time you set aside to invest your resources (however little or big they are) in a business increases your value. Really think about it – Even if you wanted to get an angel investor to invest in your business, they will most likely want you to prove that your business works. The only way to know your business works is if you invest your time in it.


2 – Desperation

You have got to be desperate to make things work. If you”re comfortable with how things are in your life, you will relax and keep procrastinating or even stagnating. You have got to get to a point of such discomfort that you feel desperate to see your business come to life. Think, “If I got fired from my place of work right now, what will do to survive. I need to pay the rent. I need to eat.” or “I cannot keep being jobless. I need this hustle to work”.

Desperation can be a powerful incentive when you say “I must”.


3 – Determination

You need the will to keep going, even when it feels like everything and everyone is against you. Be determined to find your first customer before the end of the month. Be determined to turn the little you have into your first 1000 bob (from the business).


4 – Courage

You need the courage to dream big. You also need courage to pursue those dreams, and when you meet someone who’ll say “No” (there will be), you need to sip even more courage to keep going.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney


5 – Ambition

When you make 100 bob, be ambitious enough to say you can now make 1000 bob. When you hit your target, don’t stop there… aim for 20,000 bob. Keep pushing yourself to grow, even when you feel there is no room for growth.


5 – Faith

One challenge a lot of us face is self-doubt. “Am I over-charging? Will they really be satisfied with my product? What if I cannot deliver?” Yes all these scenarios are possible, but if you’re doing everything to make your product or service work, and you are adding value into people’s lives, then you should believe in your self-worth. Believe that you have a great product and that it’s worth people’s money. If you don’t have faith in yourself, no one else will.


6 – Ingenuity

You need to be creative about the way you go about things. Really think of ways you can come up with solutions for the challenges you’re facing. When you have tap into your ingenuity, you will figure what to do to get started.


7 – Heart and Soul

Have you ever had a conversation with someone passionate about something you don’t understand? It’s always feels like they’re infecting you with their excitement. When you put your heart and soul into what you are doing, you give it more life. That is more valuable that a person with all the money in the world and no interest, because at the end of the day, they could burn the money because they do not know what they are doing with the business.

All in all, don’t wait for 50k to start your hustle. Take that 1k you would have used to buy Pizza and start small. Keep pushing and you’ll see, the money will grow.

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