Are Today’s Men Masculine Enough?

March 17, 2023 - 0 Comments

Due to the evolution of the sexes over time, the issue of whether or not men are adequately masculine is one that is evidently traceable. In the current world, masculinity is increasingly challenged as a social construct once considered universally acceptable.  Additionally, being a man has long been associated with physical prowess, the absence of emotional display, superiority, and command. With the challenge of this fact, modern man is deemed more acceptable if they display vulnerability, emotions and are more accommodating.



Others claim that the modern man is not sufficiently manly, despite the advances achieved by the male gender in being more tolerant and vulnerable. Modern men are now regarded as being overly soft, lacking in a masculine demeanor, and their constant display of emotion is considered to be a sign of a weak man. The belief that men must exhibit certain traits in order to be deemed masculine has done more harm than good since it has forced men to compete against each other subliminally in order to thrive in society. Historically, men have stood up for the vulnerable and the female gender, but more modern gender norms have prompted men to develop a wave of rage at the women they ought to be protecting.


Because of the ongoing conflict between the sexes, women have been forced to shift into survival mode and have developed aggressiveness and male tendencies as a defense mechanism. Men have resorted to feminine traits and frailty as coping mechanisms in response to the rising wrath of both sexes.




Ultimately, the question of whether men are masculine enough to elicit femininity in the female gender is subjective and one that would involve a long struggle to rewrite history and a significant shift in the present into what can be favorable for both sexes to support each other as they ought to in the circle of life.

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