Are We losing it as a Country?

February 21, 2020 - 1 Comments

Going by the videos that have been doing rounds on social media, I am deeply perturbed by the current state of our moral landscape. The content we've seen in the past few days, to say the least has been overwhelming.

Recently, some guy in Kericho decided to do the unthinkable to a minor, who is alleged to be a relative of his. The act itself is bad enough BUT the guts to record it on phone makes you wonder if we've lost it as a nation. According to our African culture, some of these things were and still are a taboo punishable by death. Surprisingly, very few of these perpetrators are ever apprehended, some are arrested but end up silencing the victim's family using cash handouts. This is where I think our morality is at its all-time lowest! Why would a parent just agree to get a handout to forget a heinous act done to their child?

Aside from this, videos of parents sexually abusing their children has got us questioning the kind of parenting being practiced out here. They range from a father molesting his daughter to a woman (suspected to be the mother) giving a blow job to a roughly four month old baby. These heinous acts should for no reason go unpunished, the pseudo parents need to be arrested and denied the rights to raise those kids. Child defilement is such a serious crime that if one is arrested for such they can be sentenced to life imprisonment and shouldn't be allowed to work with or around children ever!

It's time we do more than just share videos and spark the conversation. Remember the guy who was 'choking his monkey in public? We have developed a culture of low key celebrating these acts, that's why they trend. The rot is deeply rooted in our political and economic spheres too. We tend to celebrate corrupt leaders who loot public funds or business men who thrive using unethical means. Cheating in business, exams or marriage has been normalized and the fact that some people result to name-calling whenever someone corrects them for a mistake clearly shows that we've embraced evil over good. No one is perfect but we can't sit and watch our nation go down the drain for the fear of being labelled 'holier than thou' after all, a man's worth is not derived from his wealth, power or education, but by his humanely nature towards others.

We might have poor economy, governance etc.and still say 'Oh well Si Ni life' But never should we accept such a wanting social status. Nowadays, one can be robbed in broad day light in the Capital's CBD without receiving any help from onlookers. When did we change from the good old times where a child belonged to the society and could be punished by a stranger for misbehaving in public or the courtesy of a minor to stand and give his/her seat to a senior citizen in a bus.

The “Kila Mtu Apambane na Hali yake” attitude towards such matters only works against us. Reach out and hold a brother's hand in their time of need, after all, leo ni mimi, kesho ni wewe. Truly we've lost our beautiful moral fabric and it's a high time we started working towards regaining it.


  • Jane Nyaboke February 22, 2020 at 3:26 pm

    When Nancy Barasa said that the law doesn’t cater for everything, I felt her because, it’s not always about the written law it’s sometimes about moral sanity and our conscience as humans and as Africans too. I strongly believe we need to change actually and stop doing silly stuff just because of hype.


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