As we empower the girl child, are we forgetting the boys?

March 10, 2023 - 0 Comments

Since girls have long been neglected and underprivileged in the fields of education, health, and employment opportunities, empowering the female child has been a priority as nations around the world work toward gender equality. Even with fact,  it is critical to remember the boys in our attempts to support girls because they, too, suffer many hardships.


Boys experience realities that limit their potential and negatively impact their well-being, therefore they are not immune to the repercussions of gender inequality. They are also encouraged to hide their emotions as they grow up, which has increased mental health issues and made them more isolated, and forced them to deal with their problems independently.Boys are also subjected to bias and stereotypes based on gender, which harms their development and sense of self.


It’s crucial to empower girls because it advances gender equality, but doing so should not come at the expense of boys who may grow up feeling neglected and excluded. We should strive to create a just world where both sexes are free to live out their potential and be who they truly are.


The boy child should be given priority and assistance in overcoming his particular problems as we work toward gender equality and elevating the girl child. Promoting equality for both gender will create a better and just world for everyone and help bridge the gender gap. 

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