Before We Go To Vote…

October 21, 2017 - 0 Comments

“Are we more tribalistic that our parents?”

A colleague of mine asked me this the other day and I just didn’t know what to say. But if my reference was social media, I  would be inclined to say, yes. It saddens me deeply that a generation that was optimistic to break the chain has failed to do so.

The very insensitive, hurtful statements being thrown around about our communities are a bad representation of the youth in Kenya. We are being used to create and spread hate. We are being used to loot and create chaos in the streets. We are being used to create fake news. We the youth in Kenya are being used and for what? a little bit of cash here and there? Bloodstained money that will divide and kill us? Surely, we must wake up and realise that we hold the power to bring unity back in our country. We need to stop acting like the victims and start acting like the ones who are the majority in our country. What we say goes!

If together, we say NO to blogging about hate, say NO to attacking our neighbours, say NO to spreading propaganda and say NO to insulting one another, then Kenya shall survive these fresh Presidential elections and move forward.

I was in an Uber the other evening from an event and sparked a conversation with the driver who shared my sentiments. It felt good to know someone else saw things my way. “You know, I am also a business person. Some of my best clients are Luo. I know for a fact that if I get their business I will be good for a couple of months. I hate seeing this division between Kikuyus and Luos. It fills my heart with sadness…”

How I long for the day we will look at our leaders critically from a policy angle and what they bring to the table, and not their tribe.

This is NOT a partisan post. Matter of fact, my party is YOUTH IN KENYA. Let us rise above the hate from the older generation, let us show them that we are different and we are doing the best to rid ourselves of the poison passed down to us from the previous generation. Let us show them we are one Kenya. One People. One Youth.

As a youth in Kenya, will you vote come the 26th? No judgements here. Just openness.


Boss Lady.

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