Blaze BYOB Summit Heads to Kisumu Dala

August 22, 2018 - 0 Comments

Blaze BYOB Summits are single day mentorship events focusing on the youth. The summits are held in different cities and towns, and bring together ambitious youth who aim to realize their dreams and ambitions, and connect them to young professionals who’ve made it in their respective fields. These young professionals are referred to as mentors, and come from different locations, backgrounds, passions and sectors, and use this platform to interact with the youth, share their life journey, give advice, and answer relevant questions. Mentors teach and show the youth how they can earn a living from their passion and talent and turn it into a full-time career. These Summits are very encouraging and aim to make sure attendees come out of the events motivated, connected, knowledgeable, action oriented, and hopeful.
BYOB Summits also promote networking between the youth in a fun and enjoyable manner. The end result is to make the youth become their own bosses while still pursuing their passion.

Selfie Mwalimu Rachel Generation Kenya

We take selfies too

This Friday, 24th August 22, 2018, the BYOB Summit is heading to the lake side aka Kisumu dala at the ASK Show Ground. The youth of pacho are going to get a first-hand experience of this life changing event. Here are five reasons why if you are youth from this beautiful city should attend the Summit. One, ni chance ya kujijenga ki biz. This is by learning how to become your own boss and turning what you love into a fulfilling and rewarding business and career. Two, utapata advice from wazito kwa game. Have one-on-ones with youthful mentors, industry leaders and speakers who have made a name for themselves in fields perceived to be unusual.

Mentor, Abel Mutua

Mentor, Abel Mutua

Three, networking vile inafaa. You have an opportunity to network with youth who share same experiences and ideas. Four, unaeza join BYOB TV Show kama contestant. Unaeza register for the BYOB TV show and ukuwe na chance ya kuwa winner and ushinde pesa ya financing your hustle na uibadilishe into a fulltime career.

BYOB TV Show season 2 contestants

BYOB TV Show Season 2 contestants with the baddest MC Mwalimu Rachel

Lastly, if you attend the Summit, utajibamba. After shugli ya mentorship kuisha, kutakuwa na turn up with entertainment from wasanii mnatambua and other fun activities.
Did I mention tickest go for only 100 shillings? Yani mia moja for everything. This is also redeemable for credo and Blaze merchandise kwa venue. Bargain sindio?
Blaze BYOB is all about being great, showing resilience and initiative and being relentless in whatever you do. For you to be a Blazer always remember Greatness Requires Internal Toughness – G.R.I.T.

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Here’s how to become a blazer

See some of the mentors that will be in the house hapa
Wa’rom Kisumu dala. *Someone please translate* Hahahaha!

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