• MRX Media at the Kenya Innovation Week

    Last week, MRX Media’s founder and digital manager, Mwalimu Rachel and Mel respectively, attended Kenya National Innovation Agency’s (KeNIA) Kenya Innovation Week event at Sarit Expo Center.  …

    12 December Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Mwalimu Rachel at MRM CYEP

    MRX Media is a limited media company that exists to inspire and empower youths in three main areas, that is, mentorship, financial literacy, and talent management. In addition…

    20 November Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Learning Resources for the Youth

    Ability to tell stories and forecast the future are among the top reasons why Sapiens have conquered the world. As opposed to other animals, humans have the capability…

    31 October Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Spotify’s Support for African Podcasters

    The world’s podcasting industry is on the rise. Last year, according to Statista,  worldwide podcast listenership stood at 383.7 million. This year, the number stands at 424.2 million…

    24 October Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Technology, Youths, and Jobs

    Technology’s impact on jobs for Kenyan youths.   Disclaimer: This article is meant for those who have a high-risk appetite; those willing to risk their monthly salaries for…

    24 October Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Investment buckets, Index funds, Money market funds

    Various pulls of investment There exist various ways that one can invest money and each category has its pros and cons and depends on one’s financial situation and…

    12 October Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Vera Sidika Undergoes Booty Reduction Surgery

    The famed socialite, Vera Sidika, who is married to the musician Brown Mauzo has undergone booty reduction surgery over “health risks and complications”. She advised ladies to learn…

    05 October Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Inflation. What is it?

    What is inflation? Inflation is one of the most used words in the field of economics – especially during times of financial crisis – such as now. I…

    19 September Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Gig Economy KE

      The gig economy is an online marketplace in which organizations contract freelance workers for short term engagements. The word gig stands for a temporary job that lasts…

    31 March Posted by MRX ADMIN

    It would be fair to say that it hasn’t been easy adjusting to all the changes called for by the government since it announced the first case of…

    24 March Posted by MRX ADMIN
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