Why You Should Consider Starting A Movie Shop

March 19, 2018 - 1 Comments

“Umecheki ile series mpya imetokea inaitwa ‘La casa del papel’? Ni mambo mbaya!” This is exactly how a lot of conversations begin as soon as you meet your squad.

I’m pretty sure a lot of young people enjoy watching a good movie or series from their favourite movie guy, every chance that they get. There are Things They Don’t Tell You After Finishing School (Read more) then there are things WE tell you, like this biashara of burning movies. This biashara of burning movies is growing quickly both in our Mtaas (hood) and in the CBD. The big question many young guys ask is ‘How exactly does it work and how can I make money out of it?’ If you’re interested to know, read on.

If you’re an entrepreneur, and you’re wondering what business to venture into, maybe this is a good opportunity for you. But before you start a movie business, you need to have a clear business plan. You need to know where you will source your movies from, what equipment you will need, whom you will sell to (target market) and also how you will market yourself so that potential clients know that you exist.

Total capital required to kick start the biz is roughly between KSH 160,000 – 200,000. This applies if you don’t have any equipment. If you already have some of the essential equipment like computer(s), printer and a table to work on, then this will greatly reduce your cost. Renting a shop is roughly between KSH 10,000- 50,000 depending on the location. But of course you should choose a place that most people access.

If you want to start right then don’t take shortcuts. It’s important that you have a license from the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) and the County Government to start selling movies. You must have these essentials as an indication of compliance to the law. Once you pay for the KFCB license, you will receive movie rating stickers this will give you a list of banned movies that you should not sell.

Internet pia muhimu as you will get to download the latest movies ASAP. This will keep you informed on what’s hot and what’s not. There are amazing online movie distributors whom you have to pay through PayPal or Skrill. They give you a download link once the payments are cleared. This could cost between KSH 800 to 1500 per movie, depending on the seller and exchange rate between the dollar and shilling.

Another cheaper way is to let someone else buy it first, so you can buy a copy from them for as little as KES 50 and then you can burn it and sell as many copies as possible.  A fast PC will enable you to copy your movies onto DVDs. If say you sell 50 movies in a day for 50 bob each, you will make a whooping KSH 2500 at the end of the day. End month uko na KSH 75,000. Tell me if that’s not a great deal!

Hii Nairobi, kazi ni kazi. What’s your hustle?


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