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The phrase “train them young” is not new in today’s society. According to some, children and the youth are among society’s most vulnerable groups and require the greatest degree of care and responsibility. One of the most crucial stages of an individual’s life and development is their youth. During this vulnerable time, one’s life experiences both subconsciously and consciously mold them. Youth empowerment has increased significantly over the years. Society’s eyes have been opened to the cries of the youth and young adults in Kenya and globally in this era. Technology seems to have lessened the load, as connection and help are now easily accessible. 

Given the aforementioned realities, MRX Media has decided to take on the duty of advocating for the youth through its various platforms. One such platform is #MRXKwaMachuo, which Mwalimu Rachel recently launched under MRX Media.  This initiative seeks to nurture and inspire high school students through mentorship.

The first session of MRX Kwa Machuo kicked off at Parklands Arya Girls High School with Mwalimu Rachel and the MRX media crew in attendance. The focus of the day was on peer influence, positive thinking, fun talk sessions, and entertainment.

How do we provide the youth with safety, vulnerability, and a judgment-free space when there are numerous voices speaking at them? In addition, MRX Kwa Machuo is a judgment-free space where young people express their concerns and find a listening ear in the midst of the current chaos in the world, particularly in their social circles. 



The students sat through the speeches, attentively listening to the voice of knowledge relevant to their age, as smiles of joy, peace, and determination washed over their faces. In addition, the students had the opportunity to speak openly regarding their personal lives and how they navigate the comparison and negative self-talk-filled digital era as teenagers. 


WATCH #MRXKwaMachuo in ACTIONhttps://youtu.be/-o5xF9nMI78


  • Nerea Omulimi April 11, 2023 at 11:34 am

    Wow! This is amazing. I’m sure a huge percentage of youths will benefit from the #MRXkwaMachuo initiative.


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