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Kenyan youth, are you in a dilemma? Let’s see this, 32 public Universities,18 chartered private Universities,13 Universities with Letter of Interim Authority and countless colleges.All these are institutions of higher learning in our motherland Kenya.Every year these institutions give birth to hundreds of thousands graduates after  having conceived them for a period of 4 or so years.

Smiles so broad fill every graduate as he/she wears that hired gowns and they are like “yeeeeeey we did it”.I guess that also marks the end of their smiling nature down the line  as they get into real Kenyan world.Probably,the last words of the last speaker of that graduation day should always be “pambana na hali yako”.Why do I say so?The reality is;now the struggle commences.

The first people to send me a  congratulatory message via my email are the Helb guys.They are so good in this.Helb had been like the closest friend who have been coming through and sorting all my bill issues so well without fail.Expensive liquors,classy hotels, fancy places, beautiful slay queens have all been catered for by my Helb loan.Enyewe,life had been sweet in campus for the period I have been there.

Recently,a trending topic on Twitter is the one that awakened me.I am out here 5 years,6 years,10 years,12 years after graduating.I do not have that permanent job thay they said awaits me after  am done with my studies.I have worked in a hotel,I have been a freelancer,I have worked as a clerk in the IEBC, I have been a fruit vendor,sold mtumba clothes,and currently I am betting to earn a living, because its easy money.The hashtag #CancelHelbPenalties reminds me I owe a lump sum money to my former bestie “Helb”.

Looking around I realise we are many,I John,Jane,Judy,James,Mary, Cynthia,Cate and I console myself,”I am not alone”….We are the Kenyan youths.

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Are you a graduate from any University or College, how long has the job hunt been for you? Comment below we would like to know.


  • kelvin April 16, 2019 at 7:07 pm

    Wallai this is the real thing happening enlighten the youths that in Kenya currently life is tough like for real yani unajikuta ukifanya job enye hukuwai soma just tu earn a living

    • Teddy Gavin April 24, 2019 at 9:45 am

      Wahenga walisema “mchagua jembe si mkulima”

  • Samuel kahura April 16, 2019 at 8:05 pm

    Though am not a victim of the Helb loan but what i do here is that helb has always been a best friend to all university students but while in campus but wacha tu watoke he it turns to beimg the worst enemy.

  • Cate Wanjiku April 17, 2019 at 9:43 am

    OMG!Am not a graduate yet but I can testify that the struggle to hustle for a job is real!Nowardays you even hear people saying,”Ata ukipata A ama D,ama you dont go to school tutapata tu uku nje”,which by the way is true
    Nice article bro mine


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