Health Benefits Of Eating Sukuma Wiki

April 13, 2018 - 0 Comments

One of the most eaten veggies in Kenya is Sukuma wiki whether poor, rich or middle class. Sukuma wiki in English is Kales or Collard Greens. However, the name Sukuma wiki translated to English is “Week Pusher”. This is simply because it’s an affordable meal that one can buy when low on finances to push the week.

Sukuma wiki also has some health benefits which includes;

-Sukuma wiki is rich in Vitamin K, B vitamins, calcium and Vitamin A.

-If You are keen on weight loss, then you better eat Sukuma Wiki because they are low in calories

-Includes dietary fiber

-It contains anti-cancer properties like glucosinolates that offer protection against various types of cancer such as digestive tract and lung cancer.

-Good source of antioxidants

-It lowers cholesterol levels by eliminating bile acids(fat) from the body.

With all these health benefits, how can you make a tasty delicious Sukuma wiki? This is what you need:


-1 Bunch of Sukuma Wiki (Kales/Collard Greens)

-1 large Onion diced

-3 Tomatoes diced

-Vegetable oil to Fry

-2- 3 Royco or Maggi cubes (optional)

-¼ Pepper (optional)

-Salt to taste


-Wash and cut the Sukuma wiki into your desired size.

-In a cooking pot, heat oil with medium heat

-Put the onions and fry them until soft

-Now add the tomatoes and fry until they form a thick paste

-Add in salt, pepper and Royco beef cubes.

-Add your chopped Sukuma wiki bit by bit in to the cooking tomato sauce.

-Cover your cooking pot and leave it to simmer for 5 minutes.

-Remove the cover and stir the Sukuma wiki well.

-Serve and enjoy your meal.


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