I Don’t Have to Quit My Job to Start a Business

April 03, 2017 - 0 Comments

Article written by @MissOlendi

Today, we the Kenyan youth are finding ourselves torn between two options – Finding employment or hustling and starting businesses.  In fact, there is an increasing number of young guys choosing to be entrepreneurs, a lot more others are simply interested. The question is, “Do I have to quit my job to start a business?
Well, the answer is “No”. You do not have to quit your job to start your own business. There are lots of reasons why you probably don’t want to take the “bold” risk.


  • You love your job.
  • You need the money.
  • You want career growth.
  • You’re not sure your business idea will work.
  • You hate to take risks.

Not everyone is made to be a risk-taker. That does not, however, mean that they shouldn’t start a business. Here are ways you can manage your side-hustle while still working for your current boss.

First thing’s first though…

…The reality is that you will eventually have to choose between your business and your place of employment. The initial stages of setting up your hustle will involve coming up and working on ideas, building an infrastructure and getting business. As the business grows, it will demand attention. Given that there are only 24 hours in a day, you will have to commit to one or the other.

1- -Start with the idea.

While still working, focus on developing the foundation of your business idea. Start with the basics such as what you do and work on it until you have fleshed out the nitty-gritty. Evaluate any flaws and fine-tune the business idea as best as you can. Given that you already have a source of income, the benefit is that you won’t rush to meet deadlines and make money. Use the opportunity to create your business plan.

2 – Gain Networks

Make connections with people that could turn into clients for your business. (Do keep non-compete agreements in mind though). The advantage of working with an already well-established company is that you will come across as many people as possible. The networks could become your potential vendor, client, partner, even employee. These contacts will come in handy when you need to step up and fruther grow your business.

3 – Start with Baby Steps

Don’t try to do everything, don’t try to rush the process; at least not while you’re still working full-time. You have enough  advantage to test the waters and experiment. Once you have tried and tested your business concepts, you can scale your business up.

4 – Find a Balance

Given that you have chosen to stay at your current workplace, you have remember that there is a limit to how much work you can do before you burn out and your work starts to decline in quality. If you spend too much time on your business, your work will suffer and your could lose the job you’re trying to keep. On the other hand, if you put too much into your career, your business will never grow. Always maintain a balance.

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