Infinix Note 5! “Beyond Intelligent”

July 10, 2018 - 0 Comments

Infinix Mobility in collaboration with Google launched the new Infinix Note 5 in Burj Khalif, Dubai. The new device primarily targets the African market. This is due to the rising demand of smartphones among the African population, and the youth at large.

Think about it! Where have you gone and failed to see someone using a smartphone? From schools, music concerts, work places, hang-out places, etc…Ispokuwa hawa watu wa Mpesa *Rolls eyes* These are the stubborn ones with their Kabambes and Tenjes.

Nonetheless, they’re slowly adapting.

According to the company, the aim is to make the gadget accessible to all parts of Africa and give the best user experience.

Now let’s get to the exciting part.

The software used in the Infinix Note 5 (Android 8.1 Oreo) is out of this world (Well! Not literally…coz that would be crazy). The gadget is derived from the Android One program. Basically, this means that the software used is obtained straight from Google. We all know how Google does it *winks*. This is super exciting news to Android lovers.

In addition, the company has incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the new device. Infinix Note 5 has AI scene detection in the camera. This means users are able to take great photos based on where they are, particularly in outside settings. Watu wa kupiga random photos, selfies na travel shoots mtafurahia sana.

There’s more great news. With this new model, you don’t have to worry about battery life na kuomba omba charger and power bank. The phone’s sizeable 4500mAh battery also has AI optimizations to make it last for 3 days without charging. Si that’s nice? Hata it will help save those electricity bills, sindio?

Other cool features of the Infinix Note 5 include a 6-inch Full High Definition Display in an 18:9 aspect ratio, 12MP main camera, 16MP selfie camera, Dual 4G SIM, 32GB/64GB internal storage, 3GB/4GB RAM, and 3 different colors (Milan Black, Berlin Gray, and Ice Blue).

As its nickname suggests, this phone is truly “Beyond Intelligent”.

Go get yours now and have a phone experience of a lifetime!

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