Is “Maandamano” Our Savior?

May 02, 2023 - 0 Comments

For many years, Kenyans have grappled with the realities of being a native of the country. From peace instability, greedy rulers, corruption, and very recently, the rising cost of living. This brutal reality seems to have hit our nation particularly hard, especially now that millions of Kenyans are jobless. About 5.2 million, which is 40% of the youth, have no source of livelihood, making it tougher to survive. 



Currently, 2 kilos of maize flour retails at KES  230 for the most premium brand! With the harsh economic times, how many Kenyans can comfortably afford 3 meals per day? The rising cost of living has brought with it rivalry between the two major political parties in Kenya: Azimio and Kenya Kwanza.





Many believe that since Kenya Kwanza took governance with our current president Hon William Ruto, life as a Kenyan has become extremely difficult. There is nothing to write home about since the majority of Kenyans are struggling to survive. The Azimio leader cum opposition leader, Raila Odinga single-handedly sought to bring an end to the enemy that is the high cost of living.

Maandamano, Swahili for protests, has become Azimio leader’s chosen tool for driving change in the country. Sadly, this tool that was to be used in good faith has become a sore point for Kenyans as lives have been lost, businesses plunged and houses destroyed. 


Will maandamano still remain the tool of choice for driving change in the country? Is Maandamano the Messiah Kenyans hope for? Will “Baba” actually initiate the change we so desire as Kenyans? Is there a remedy for the soaring cost of living? Kenyans are in for a ride! Let us keep holding on to the rails as we await our fate. 


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