Laser Acne Treatment

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I remember when I was in primary school and my class 6 teacher was teaching us about adolescence, some guys were just laughing and giggling their way through the lessons. Among the key things he highlighted during adolescence was the development of either mild or severe acne. At that time, I remember, it did not make much sense. Now, talking to a lot of young people, especially the ladies, acne is a recurring problem that goes as far as affecting people’s lifestyles and even self-esteem. A few years back, if you had acne, you would either be forced to use herbal soaps or medicinal plants. Thanks to technology, this problem can now become a thing of the past. Have you heard about laser treatment? If yes, manze uko tu sawa. If no, lemme tell you a bit more about it.

Laser acne treatment is basically a procedure that uses light to breakdown target bacteria that causes acne. Acne usually occurs when the skin pores clogged with dead skin cells, oil and bacteria, get inflamed and burst. In order to counter that, laser acne treatment was introduced.

Now I know when you hear laser you probably think of harmful rays that will probably bring you some type of cancer. Relaaaxxx! It’s not that bad. Lemme tell you some pros and cons of laser acne treatment.


1. It is a clean and bloodless procedure. So for all the guys who feel tingly when they see blood, you’re welcome.

2. The treatment is very effective. The results after undergoing treatment are usually noticeable, permanent and desirable.

3. When undergoing this treatment, you don’t have to apply any ointments or take any medication. Laser acne treatment takes care of the scars and improves appearance of the skin.

4. Chances of developing complications like skin infections or bleeding are lower because usually, there are no external wounds.

5. Laser based treatments don’t use chemicals or additives that can cause patients to have allergic reactions. Usually, it’s just the use of heat and light to repair damaged sections of the skin.



1. Laser acne treatment is expensive because one is usually requires one to attend several sessions for proper results. In Kenya, a session costs anything between KES 5000-8000. It’s actually an investment.

2. The procedure doesn’t get rid of scars and pigmentation permanently, it only minimizes them.

3. The darker your skin, the less likely this treatment will work. This is why. Skin that is dripping with melanin is more likely to absorb some of the light that is meant to destroy the acne causing bacteria. Once treatment is done, a dark skinned person is likely to suffer from loss of skin pigmentation.

4. A lot of laser based treatments are not usually insured by a lot insurance companies. That means that for you to access this treatment, you have to remove cash from your own pocket.

5. Patients with moderate to severe acne usually need recovery time because the damaged sections of their skin get broken down to deal with the acne. The new layer of skin that’s left exposed is usually sensitive to changes in temperature, wind and other natural and chemical elements as healing takes place.

Now the next question I know you’re probably asking is; where can I get this treatment in Nairobi? Here are some of the legit places that you can check out.

Keridam Skin Clinic & Medical

Adara CosMedics

Knowing what you know now about laser acne treatment, would you try it out? Talk to me, I’m listening.


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