Madem And Mandem, We Need To Stop!

April 13, 2018 - 0 Comments

So back in the day when I was in campo, life was good and my friends and I used to changa every now and then to go to Westie and turn up kidogo. Unajua kama umesomea chuo iko bundus kiasi, lazima ungechangamkia hii maneno every once in a while. I remember one of my friends used to live in Nai, so we would go to her place and spend the night then go back to school.

So there’s this time we went out for an event and as we looked for parking, I noticed a lot of chics had very short dresses which they kept pulling down. In my head I wondered why someone would wear something that is clearly uncomfortable to them. My thing is, if you’re gonna wear something, rock it confidently or just don’t wear it at all. Comfort equals confidence I’m telling you!

12:30 am. We finally get parking space, chuck the car and head to the venue. Most of the time, these places are usually situated on the upper floors in a building. I really don’t know why. As the elevator doors opened, there’s was group a of ladies who were very lit. As the first one chucked the elevator, I noticed that she was barefoot and her shoes were held tightly on her hand. The others came out of the elevator gully creeping juu manze high heels zilikuwa zimeleta shida. I just pitied them coz I totally get the struggle. Vaa heels kama unajua utahack. If you can’t handle them red bottoms, vaa ngommas ama doll shoes. No one is going to judge you for that. At the end of the day, comfort first or else you won’t even have fun!

So the joint we were at is very popular and as you can guess, it was already full by the time we got there. We looked around and finally identified a spot where we could go chill. Since it was on the other side of the dance floor, we had to literally fight our way there since guys were dancing all over the place. As we were squeezing ourselves through, I saw one guy trying to grab my pal who was walking in front of me. Kidogo tukaanza kumleta juu mpaka he apologized to my pal who was at that point very upset. Seriously, what kind of mannerism is this? Yaani, I don’t understand why some people do such things. Guys, sometimes when you see a beautiful lady, please admire from far. Please.

After what seemed like a David and Goliath battle, we finally get to our table and order some drinks. At this point I started enjoying the music and grooving to the cool music the DJ was bumping. Kidogo kidogo this guy comes to our table and tries to start vibing me. I was not in the mood to talk, I just wanted to have fun. I told him I wasn’t interested but he just kept insisting mpaka I had to seek help from one of my guy friends. Yaani I was already exhausted and the night had just started, at least for some of us. Me huwa sielewi mbona saa zengine watu hatuskizi. Mandem, when a mama tells you she doesn’t want to talk to you at a particular moment, don’t push it. Just let her be. Be respectful enough to just walk away.

Have you ever experienced such weird experiences? Let me know.



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