#MCM – Life Lessons You can Learn From Trushar Khetia

February 20, 2017 - 0 Comments

Trushar Khetia is SOMEBODY! He is one of Kenya’s most notable young serial entrepreneurs. He founded Tria Group, an outdoor advertising firm that specialises in using public transport vehicles to market products. He also founded Society Stores, a chain of retail outlets that continues to grow. By 2015, Khetia’s revenues were estimated to be over $7 million (over 700 million Kenyan Shillings). He even made it to Forbes List as one of Africa’s 30 Most Young Promising Entrepreneurs, in 2015 & 2016. Here are 5 lessons you can learn from Mr Khetia.

trushar khetia

Take of advantage of new opportunities

Trushar saw a space in Kenya and did not hesitate to fill it up. While studying in the UK, he saw how brands would advertise their products on buses. He recognized that this was a great strategy to catch people’s attention, yet it was not being done in Kenya. He then founded Tria Group, which has top-notch clients including KFC, Coca-Cola, Steers, Unilever, HP, Google and Airtel.


Don’t be afraid to take risks

Even though the public transport industry is considered chaotic, Trushar found a way to work with the risks involved, turning it into a money-making model.


If it’s not working, do something about it.

Don’t just sit there and hope that things will turn around for the better. Trushar Khetia graduated from the UK, successfully worked for P&G then later relocated back to Kenya to help with his family’s business. However, a few years down the line, he realized that his position did not allow for him to grow to his full potential. He then made the decision to leave the family business and start his own company. It was not easy leaving the security of his family’s business, but he did it anyway.


Have a purpose

Trushar once said, “I live to nurture and develop my people, my customers and my suppliers in order to make a difference in their lives.” He always keeps the people he influences in his mind, recognizing that his decisions make a big impact on others.


You can create time for your hobbies and Interests

Trushar Khetia’s first job was as a Marketing Manager at Securex in Nairobi. During this time, he was a part-time DJ at Pavement Club in Nairobi. Today, Khetia actually has an advanced DJ Certification from the National Open College Network. In fact, check out this video he posted on IG of himself testing a DJ controller he recently bought for himself!

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