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On the 9thof March 2019, at the August Memorial Park the 2ndedition of MRX Sessions went down.


MRX sessions in an event that brings together young people with an aim to discuss issues that the youth go through, mentor them, and get guidance from experienced speakers. This is an initiative by MRX Media Limited.

TRIBE MRX:  is a group of youth mobilized by Mwalimu Rachel herself for a common goal; which is to realize our potential as youth to maximize them fully and also make them sustainable as we tackle real life issues that we go through every day as youth.

So usually there is whatsapp group; where we discuss issues that are current and affecting the youth, we have our chat nights on Wednesdays and Sundays from 9pm – 10.30pm. How you can join? Just Whatsapp your name and what you do to the number 0777-47 98 12

This platform is awesome! Mwalimu Rachel gets to chat as well!

MRX sessions has made it possible for us to:

  • Allow more youth to participate giving them a chance to learn and interact with each other in a safe space.
  • To have specialists tackle real issues affecting us the youth.
  • It has given us an outlet to showcase our talents and have fun!

This time around we had guest speakers who were tackling different topics.

  • Radicalization –Godfrey Muhambi a journalist from Lenga Ugaidi na Talanta.
  • Social Media (Digital Influencing) –Sebastian Wafula, an Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Specialist.
  • Mental Health – -Wangari Mwangi, a speaker, Trainer and Transformational life coach at The Life Coaching and Leadership Center.


For entertainment Tribe MRX had it covered, they were given a chance to showcase their talents/run the show, and they took the bull by the horns.


And this was the lineup.

  • On the Ones and Twos: Dj Cavi

  • On the M.I.C: Hype Man Genetrixx

  • MC’S : Brian Muchiri and Lady Jay

  • Performers : Shalkido The African Boy, Lexxy Yung and Katta

  • The MRX Dancers.

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