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"Let's face it, getting the right management to guide, nurture and grow your talent as a young, upcoming artist is an uphill task. MRX Media Limited recognizes the gap that exists between young, upcoming artists and proper talent management that's why it's pleased to announce the first ever National MRX Talent Search. For more info click on the link below

Applicants are required to send a link of their best work to on/before the stated deadline for each particular category. Successful applicants will be invited to an interview with the team on a date to be communicated.

Announcements of the newly selected talent will be done at the end of every phase with Calls to Auditions for the next phase following suit.

Phase 1: Search for Musicians.

The first phase which focused on musicians started on 28th January and ended on 4th February 2020. Interested candidates were required to send only one audio/video link of their best song to the company’s email address as sending more than one song led to automatic disqualification.

Phase 2: Search for Presenters.

 If you believe you've got what it takes to give top presenters a run for their money then we will be looking for you in March! If selected to join the team, you will be the voice and face of various media campaigns to be rolled out in the future. You will be required to send in a link to a video clip not longer than 1 minute of your best work

Phase 3: Search for Emcees and Hype men.

This April, If you are an aspiring hype man or emcee and you've got those mad skills that changamsha’s wathii, then you can come rock with us. After the Call to auditions, you will be needed to Send a link to an event that you've hyped up or emceed in or a one minute video of your mock up event to the given email address.

Phase 4: Search for Comedians

This phase, scheduled to start in May will see the big boys in the future KE comedy scene come to play. If you are always cracking your friends'/fam's ribs like no one's business pale mtaa, then we’ll be looking for no one else But you! Sending your funny clips, not longer than a minute to the email address provided will give you an entry into the auditions.

Phase 5: Search for DJs and Dancers

In June, we go hunting for the party animals and dancefloor beasts.

If you've got that ear for good music and can whip it up in a way that will leave the crowds crazy send in a 1 minute demo showcasing your most wicked deejaying skills to the email address provided above. Kindly note that only those with their own decks are advised to apply.

All dancers assemble! If you are a group or individual that can move to the groove or  just a person with  the coolest moves, you will be required to send in your one minute video clip/link to our email address.

We are Looking forward to growing with you!

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