Mwalimu Rachel at MRM CYEP

November 20, 2022 - 0 Comments

MRX Media is a limited media company that exists to inspire and empower youths in three main areas, that is, mentorship, financial literacy, and talent management. In addition to leveraging our social media following to reach the youth, we also conduct corporate youth trainings. Our social media following across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter total 12,000+.


Our founder, Mwalimu Rachel, is passionate about the youth. She founded the company on the basis of her passion for the youth and the need to assist young people to reach their potential in the aforementioned areas. As an experienced media personality who has worked with youth in different capacities, she understands the needs, opportunities, and pain points of the youth.


On Wednesday (16 Nov. 2022), Mwalimu Rachel was invited to give a keynote talk at Mabati Rolling Mills Limited for the MRM Chandaria Youth Empowerment Program (CYEP). The theme of the talk was “Youth Empowerment: Emerging Trends in the Digi-Economy & Life Skills”.


Technology has created a lot of opportunities in the digital space. As a renowned media personality and founder of MRX Media, Mwalimu Rachel has a tonne to share with young people in regard to digital opportunities.


Mwalimu Rachel’s presentation touched on the following aspects of digi-economy:


  • Online writing (starting blogs and ghost-writing)
  • E-commerce (setting up online stores)
  • Youtubing (creating YouTube channels and vlogging)


Rachel’s presentation also covered life skills. Here, she touched on mental health, problem-solving, creative thinking, critical thinking, time management, and interpersonal skills.



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