Night Gone Wrong

March 23, 2018 - 1 Comments

So there’s this Friday I met up with my friends, I can’t quite remember what for but yeah we were just parambulating. Kidogo kidogo, we put some music then next thing I know, wasee wakaanza kuchochana twende out. I don’t know why I felt uneasy that night, manze ata nilikuwa nimekataa kuishia. Chocha chocha zikatupwa hapa kule, mimi huyooooo! I gave in to peer pressure hehe. But what is FOMO?

So we got into the car ready to go turn up. When we got to where we were going, it was kinda packed. Again, I was about to leave but nikachochwa tu nikae. So my friends and I got some sitting space and it wasn’t that bad after all.

You know that point where you’re left alone and you now have to start looking for your people because you’re tired and you just wanna go home? I started calling my peeps who were somewhere talking to their other friends. In the midst of the confusion, I slipped my phone into my pocket and walked outside to call my pal whom I had been trying to reach for almost half an hour. So as I try to get out, this huge guy comes and blocks my way and I’m like ‘Excuse me, what do you think you’re doing?’ It’s like he didn’t even hear me and continued to stand there. So I pushed him as I tried to make my way outside. As soon as he was out of my way, I reached out to my phone which was in my pocket but my pocket was empty. I honestly thought I was hallucinating because I just had my phone like three seconds ago!!! Woooiii!!!

Immediately, I got into panic mode and started asking guys around me if they’d seen my phone. Mind you, I had just bought the kaphone two months prior to the incident. Something funny that happened is, some guy chucked a torch and started looking for my phone haha!

So, I was advised to report the incident at the nearest police station as there were hopes of getting my phone back. My friend who is a cab driver also advised me to report the incident since he had gone through the same thing and eventually he got back his phone. I mean, what was there to loose for me? The next day I woke up and went straight to the police station and reported what happened. Despite constant follow up, I never got any feedback with regard to my phone.

That night I went home cursing why I ignored my instinct. Guys, it’s so easy to get robbed when you go out because you’re so lit and you’ve let your guard down. So, always make sure you go with a group of friends that you trust and stay close to each other. Leave your valuables at home or in your car to avoid being robbed. Stay safe fam, there’re people out here waiting to rob you any chance they get!

Have you ever gone through something like this? Tell me more.




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