Nitaride Boda Boda

May 02, 2018 - 0 Comments

Ya’ll remember that song by Madtraxx ‘Nitaride boda boda nitaride boda boda’. It was such a banger and I think it came out around that time nduthis started becoming popular in Kenya. Please correct me if i’m wrong hehe.

I don’t know about guys who live in other parts of the world but if you live in Nairobi, you have probably used a boda boda or nduthi at some point in your life. The good thing about using a nduthi is that they are a faster means of transport and they can pass through narrow places where cars can’t. Yaani kuhepa traffic sio balaa.

So juzi I was busy updating apps on my phone when I saw my Taxify app needed to be updated. It kept on bringing me this update notification but I kept ignoring it. So when I felt bothered enough, I finally yielded. When I reopened the app to see what’s new, I saw they not only have taxify cars but also Taxify bodas. The joy in my heart!

The reason I was excited is because I like using bikes for short distance travel coz it’s fun and I can engage in some sight-seeing while at it. So of course, me being a naturally curious person, I opened the app and tried ordering a Taxify boda and it actually worked.

So for those like me. You’re welcome. Also if you have a small scale business where you need to constantly send and receive items from different place, you should definitely try using this service. At least you have the driver’s name, phone number and plate number in case anything goes wrong. Also, another thing I noticed with this service is that it’s cheaper as compared to normal bikes since the starting fare is as low as 50 bob.

If you use Taxify, you should definitely update your app and try out the boda boda. I tried it and so far, I can say I’ve had an amazing experience.

If you’ve used the Taxify boda, how was your experience? If you haven’t tried it out, would you be willing to try it out? Let me know.



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