NO! Football Is Not ‘Just A Game’

June 20, 2018 - 0 Comments

“Babe, don’t get upset! It’s just a game.” That’s what she said. IMAGINE!! Please *Sssssshhhh!!

Fred Matiang'i

No! Football is not ‘just a game’, it is life (Ok! maybe not, but you get the point).

For those who are not aware (I doubt if kuna mtu hajui), it is World Cup season. The Christmas season for all football lovers. Yani vile you wait for December holidays, ndiyo football fans wamekuwa wakingoja World Cup.


There have been 20 World Cup competitions which have been won by 8 different countries. Brazil (5 trophies and participated in each World Cup), Italy and Germany (4 trophies), Uruguay and Argentina (2 trophies), and Spain, England, and France (1 trophy).

This is the most remarkable football competition, and the most followed and viewed sporting activity universally. World cup ni popular kushinda events kama Super Bowl na Olympic Games. Alafu mtu anakuletea ‘It’s just a game’, REALLY?

The 2018 World Cup is being held across different cities in the land of vodka, or preferably, Russia.

Now twende kwa DRAMA and UPSET za World Cup

First of all, watu wa Saudi Arabia walikaribishwa kwa tournament na ‘handshake’. Yani they were beaten 5-0 by the host, Mkono! Not a bad welcome sindio? When we were kids tulikuwa tunaambiwa tukaribishe wageni na salamu. I guess the Russians learnt well.

Secondly, who in a million years would have guessed Mexico would beat Germany? Except Sportpesa? Shoooooccckk! The defending champions were beaten 1-0 by the underdogs. Actually, come to think of it, it was bound to happen. Wale wamewai kunywa Tequila wanajua what I mean, K.O! As if that was not enough, both Brazil (with Neymar) and Argentina (with Messi), all favorites, could only manage a draw against lowly oppositions, Switzerland and Iceland respectively.


Thirdly, have you seen the amazing and stunning goals being scored in Russia? Extremely hotter than the weather. Fire goals fam, FIIIIIIIIRRREEE! The Kolarov free-kick for Serbia? My my my my my! Absolutely brilliant from the AS Roma left-back. Then there was the Coutinho effort. That was a master-class from the FC Barcelona winger, the type of goal other players can only score in their dreams. A trademark goal from the diminutive star. Wait! Did you see the Ronaldo one, against one of the most accomplished teams, Spain, and against arguably the best goalkeeper in the world, David De Gea? Whaaaaaat! Not to mention he scored a hat-trick. The guy is world class. I know Messi fans will get mad, but Ronaldo keeps on proving he’s the best in the world.

Portugal vs Spain at the Fifa World Cup in Russia 2018

Ronaldo’s equalizer against Spain.

Fourthly, we have to highlight the crazy decisions being made using the Video Assistant Referee system (VAR). This is actually, the FLOP of the tournament so far. VAR inatoa utamu ya football with very unpopular decisions. For example, in the match between Serbia and Costa Rica, it was used to review a fray between the players. Shockingly, it did not show Luka Milivojevic, being hit on the face. That was very unfortunate, bearing in mind it is supposed to help make decisions on such incidences.

VAR in use during the World Cup.

VAR in use during the World Cup.

Ya tano kabla tumalizie. What in the world is happening to African teams? Who bewitched our continent? Out of Africa’s five representatives, only one team has won a match, Senegal aka the Lions of Teranga. We have to be super proud of this team man. They did a good job. Honestly, they seem to be the only African team that will reach the furthest or hopefully win the tournament. Wengine ni kama walienda holiday, fashion show, na ku ‘shaku shaku’, sijataja our Naija brothers.

Nobody can stop reggae sindio? Huyu ni coach wa Senegal please!

Finally, it’s great to see companies like Safaricom, Telkom Kenya, Kwese, Dstv, Start Times, among others jumping on the craze by providing affordable and accessible ways of catching live action, and at the viewer’s convenience. For instance, Safaricom has entered into a partnership with KWESE Tv to offer affordable unlimited data bundles called GIGA Football Pass. These bundles are specifically tailored for streaming world cup matches on KWESE TV, DST or Startimes. On the other hand, Telkom Kenya and Dstv have DStv Football bundle which allows for live streaming of matches.

GIGA Football Pass bundles by Safaricom and KweseIflix

The affordable unlimited GIGA Football Pass data bundles for World Cup streaming.

With all that drama, thrill and excitement, football ‘can’t just be a game’, can it?


African teams, PLEASE pull up your socks. Our hope and pride are on you. Thank you!



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