Nobody Can Stop Reggae

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“Nobody can stop Reggae”. These are the unforgettable words of one of Africa’s son, and legend, Lucky Dube (RIP). In the same breath, we may say Reggae music is life ama? This genre of music has a following karibu dunia mzima. It cut’s through borders and races. It is powerful fam!

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Do you know who else has a huge following across the globe? New age Reggae sensation Jamar McNaughton, largely known as Chronixx. This legend in the making was dubbed a big deal after releasing ‘Smile Jamaica’, his second song, which was and continues to be an international banger.
On 21st July, 2018, the new generation Bob Marley lit up 254’s capital, Nairobi. Chronixx was on his world album tour, The Chronology World Tour, with his band, The Zinc Fence Redemption band. This was his third performance in the country. Nonetheless, he has visited Kenya on a number of occasions for vacation and enjoying our cool beaches in County 001.
According to the Reggae artist, his breakthrough into the international scene came via our beautiful country (si tugoteane kwa hiyo story guys!) His first single, ‘Behind Curtain’ was initially played on Uptown radio 91.1 fm in 2011, getting a super reception from the Kenyan listeners, all thanks to G Money and Zj Heno who have been his biggest supporters from day 1 (talk about loyalty). This goes on to confirm the statement, ‘a prophet is never recognized in his home town’ (ama kitu kama hiyo, LOL!). It was after this that people in JA and other parts of the world started to notice this precious talent.

Back to the concert. It was well organized all-round. There was ample parking, security was tighter than that area near Coasto *wink wink*, the sound was clear (you could hear heart beats of performers), the lighting was cool with super awesome animations in the background, and there was enough drinks for the consumers. Oooooh! There was also that one thing that never misses in Reggae concerts…you guessed right, a live band! HAHAHAHA. Ama what were you thinking? Nkt!
The day’s emcees Jaymo Ule Msee and HBR 103 fm presenters Sheila ‘Kwambox’ Kwamboka and Talia ‘Chululups’ Oyando also did a great job. They kept the crowd active all through the show. Maaaan! Those guys can hype a crowd!
How can we forget performances by local acts? Neeevveer! This is where we have to give the biggest shout out to Ethic. Hawa maYout’ wanaenda far. ‘Ushawai lamba…lolo…lamba lolo…lamba…lolo…’ If you attended the concert, I’m sure these words will stick to your mind for a veeeery looong time. They killed it! To bury the performance was Swat aka ‘mtoto wa Eunice’. This kid has mad mistaris bana. He is a clear favorite in the group, not to mention a darling to the galdem. LOL!
Finally, the time came for the main act to perform. It was a complete SHUT DOWN! Chronixx killed and buried his set, killed and buried it, tena na tena. The new age Bob Marley gave an unforgettable performance lasting over two hours. Singing hits from his Chronology album, including Skankin Sweet, Black is Beautiful, Smile Jamaica, Legend, among others. At one point he invited on stage Kenyan artists Lavosti and H_art the Band. I must admit, hawakutuangusha. They did superb.

This concert will surely linger in our minds for a long time.
Good job legend Jamar McNaughton…and…Nobody Can Stop Reggae!!!

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