Orie Rogo Manduli, A True Kenyan Gem

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Orie Rogo Manduli first came to the limelight while in high school after she was crowned Miss Kenya at an early age of 16. In 1974 she became the very first black African woman in Kenya to compete in the world circuit Safari Rally. She is the first woman to head the Kenya NGO council. Orie Rogo Manduli is a strong willed Kenyan woman famously known for showcasing ‘original’ African attire with matching headgear that gets attention wherever she goes.

What began as an experiment almost two decades ago is what has turned out to be a personal brand for Manduli. It all started one day when she was invited to a wedding. Tired of seeing women looking ridiculous in the name of fashion in borrowed Western cultures, she wrapped a headscarf, just to prove a point; African culture was to be embraced and shown to the world. On a good day when her mood is busting, her headgear will go as high as two meters and styled to match with her different clothes. Each day she spots a different design.

Manduli has no problem speaking her mind. It is probably this very reason that has driven her to great heights, fighting battles, many women would shy away from but still maintain her femininity.

Her hobbies include reading books, particularly biographies and autobiographies. After a long day of work, soft music pacifies her.  You can find her grooving to rhumba and salsa in six inch stiletto heels. She uses dance as a way to tone her muscles.

Her guilty pleasure involves buying shoes with matching handbags and jewelry. Every morning, she struggles to find a shoe that pleases her. She makes her own jewelry from dried fruits, ponds, bones beads. But it’s her signature headgear that completes her look. Orie Rogo is a true Kenyan gem.

Source: kenyarecordsetter.blogspot.co.ke


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