Panoramic and Bucket List Worthy Travel Destinations in Central Kenya

October 11, 2018 - 0 Comments

Central Kenya is one of the most underrated yet utterly vibrant travel destination. There’s well more than a gazillion sights to behold; from picturesque waterfalls, breathtaking ranges, panoramic evergreen highlands, to pretty much anything that you could ever ask for. Central Kenya may be regarded as the ultimate mythical paradise in every sense of the word. Below is a list of cool destinations you may want to visit before the year ends.

Thomson Falls, Nyahururu

Located in Kenya’s most elevated town, the logic-defying Thomson Falls will never cease to be a scenic sight to behold. The fall stretches from Ewaso Ng’iro river, with the Aberdare Mountain Range as its cradle. Whether you are the budget and sporadic traveler or the extravagant safari buff, this is one place you need to visit ama you’re not doing life right. The waterfall makes an incredible 72 meter plunge from the river, hitting the base. It is basically covered by a white smoke-like cloud occasioned by the extreme pressure when water hits the ground. There is well more than a dozen viewing areas all aligned with tens of curio shops all located strategically against the spectacular overlook that is the falls. Nyahururu is located near the equator, which translates into Thomson Falls being an equatorial waterfall, cool right? Trust me, this is one place you need to visit (if not live in, lol!) and you will have struck good value for money and getting the much needed soul food.

The Aberdare Ranges

For the history buffs, the Aberdare Ranges are famous (read infamous) for being an instrumental natural provision that aided the Kikuyu Mau Mau fighters in the 1950s. These ranges offer an absolute wide array of panoramic views; from the incredible canopy-forming trees, to the animal ecosystems, which are one of a kind to say the very least. Brace yourself to bump into friendly locals while on tour. They will strike up nostalgic conversations about the ancient settler farming in the area. Can it get any better?

Mai Mahiu

Mai Mahiu means ‘hot water’ in the Kikuyu language. Located on the Nakuru-Naivasha Highway, this scenic wonderland digresses from the conventional travel destinations with wildlife, falls and what have you being their mainstay. Mai Mahiu entails an impeccably beautiful terrain that is unparalleled. Worth noting; a lot of music video directors have given this place priority, all thanks to the spectacular backdrop of green vegetation and amazing weather. If you are plotting for a drive outside the city on a relaxed weekend, let Mai Mahiu be the main stop. A mind-blowing experience is a guarantee. Needless to mention that you will keep going back.

Tembea Kenya fam!

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