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What is the problem?

First of all, parenting in general regardless of nuance or context is difficult. Parents themselves are  dealing with their own childhood traumas and whatnot, and didn’t bother working on themselves in  any way. Didn’t go to therapy, probably didn’t go for premarital counseling etc so they’re basically  free-styling through life. But this is especially so for parents who came from a completely different  background and time frame (perhaps that’s the reason people are told to have kids a bit early to  avoid being too far removed from their kids) 

The Nature of Trauma and Its Effect on the PTSD Brain - Family Psychiatry &  Therapy

Perhaps the biggest demographic change that we’ve seen as a country has to be between gen Z and  gen X (throw in gen Y for good measure). Both gen X and Y lived at a certain time in Kenya’s  history and certain mindsets were very pervasive at that time. Parents didn’t believe in diplomacy or understanding when dealing with children.  Your were flogged like a chicken thief regardless of the nature of the “crime” you committed.  Human rights violations were meted out indiscriminately by teachers and parents alike (sometimes  they did tag-teams and collaborations if the misdeed was really that bad). This started with gen X  and gen Y carried it forward (but they toned it down a bit). 

Gen Z nursing students and motivation

Gen Z was born in a completely different time, There is a general shift in the country’s  consciousness and attitude towards certain issues. However certain gen Y and X’ers are none the  wiser and insist on applying authoritarianism which is why we see certain situations such as a  certain video that went viral on social media 

If gen X and Y want to continue living their lives in peace without antidepressants and blood  pressure medication on standby  They they need to change their worldview, and also start respecting basic human rights. They may need to do more but that’s a good starting point.






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