Any Relation Between Gel Polish And Cancer?

February 27, 2018 - 0 Comments

There’s this time I met up with my pal huko tao then she told me that she’d gone for a manicure and got a nail polish that would last up to three weeks! I thought she was lying so I asked Shiks, my nail technician. Kidogo akanichanua akanishow eti gel nail polish has been the new fetish in town that yes, lasts that long. I mean, what more could a lady want?

I know most of y’all have heard about gel nail polish, but for those who don’t have a clue what it is; a gel manicure basically consist of a specially formulated nail polish that is put on in multiple coats, just like regular nail polish. To dry the gel nail polish, the nails are exposed to UV rays inside a nail polish drier.

Sasa kuna wale mafans wakiskia tu UV rays wanafikiria CANCER! Leo tutachambua tuone whether this gel nail polish trend is harmful to your health ama wasee tu wanapenda kuexagerrate.

Lemme take you through some pros and cons of getting a gel manicure. You ready?


Long lasting. The technique used in the application and drying process can make it last for about 3 weeks without having to visit your favourite nail parlor and chopping that money. Amazing huh?

No chipping. I don’t know if it’s just me but I hate doing my nails then immediately after washing one fork, my nails look chipped as though I’ve had the same manicure for 6 years! With gel nail polish, this is not something you’ll have to keep thinking about. You can even wash a whole pile of dishes and voilà! They are still intact!

Cost effective. Look at it this way; for a normal manicure, you’d pay an average of 1000 bob per week. For a gel manicure, you can pay more like 1000-2000 bob per 3 weeks. You do the math.


UV rays can affect your skin in that; your skin can age faster and pre-maturely and also there’s a risk of getting skin cancer due to the direct exposure of your skin to the harmful rays. So next time before going for a gel mani or pedi, be sure to apply some sun screen on your hands and feet.

I remember one time I got a gel manicure and by the time I got home, I realized that half of it had chipped in the jav I was in. If the gel nail polish is not done right and it doesn’t dry properly, it can easily peel off, leaving you with chipped nails.

The same way putting on gel nail polish is a process, is the same way removing it is a process. You have to soak your nails in acetone. As a result, your real nails might thin out and become weak.

Now that you know a bit more about this technique, I’m curious to know; which one would you prefer ladies?

Speaking of nails, have you heard about the new digital nail printer? So basically it’s a machine that digitally draws nail art on yourmnails. Cool right? This is how it happens; the nail printer has pre-loaded designs and for them to reflect on your finger, you simply apply a base coat and pre-print lacquer to protect the nail surface. Next, you place each finger in the machine and the design is imprinted on your nail. Technology my friend!




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