Rick Ross Coming To Kenya? REALLY?

March 20, 2018 - 0 Comments

So rumour has it that The Biggest Boss, Rick Ross is coming to Kenya. Mara wasee wanasema ni ukweli mara wengine wanasema eti tunachezwa. Wharathese?

If you’ve been following what’s been happening on social media, Rozay was in hospital for four days and there were all manner of speculations about his health. This came as a shocker to many because it happened so suddenly! He now seems to be well as, he was even seen with his mama looking all fresh leaving an attorney’s office recently, baby mama drama tu, no biggie. Let’s focus.

For the yungins in Nairobi who like to keep up with what’s new and what’s fresh, you must know NRG radio by now. It’s the newest station to hit our air waves and mayyynneee they are really bringing the heat. So juzi juzi waka announce kwa social media eti wanaleta Rick Ross. You know in Nairobi, you only know if a celebrity is coming for a show once they post on their personal accounts. If they don’t post, then, it’s not real. So guys started talking about it but from what I gathered, guys still weren’t convinced.

To make matters worse, his peeps at Untouchable MMG posted on their IG account saying that Rick Ross is not performing at any event hosted by NRG radio. Unajua sisi Nairobians tunapenda udanye sana, so when guys caught wind of the whole situation, it became a hot topic. So wasee mascreenshots pap! Circulation kwa groups nayo!!!

Even before we could process the whole situation, the post saying that the event was fake was deleted from Untouchable MMG’s IG account. Kwani tulichezwa in broad day light my fren??!! Next thing we know, Rick Ross retweeted NRG Wave’s post on Twitter about him coming to perform in Nairobi (maybe M-pesa ilikuwa na delay? Lol!) 19 hours later, as I am going through my Insta stories, I see the same poster on Rozay’s story.


Looks like The Biggest Bo$$ that you seen thus far – Rick Ro$$ will indeed be coming to Kenya on the 28th! Question is though, who will perform with him on that stage? And how much will the tickets go for? What do you think?



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