Seriously, My Dress My Choice!

April 06, 2018 - 0 Comments

I remember there’s this time we went out with my pal at some club hapa Ngong Road. Sijui kama ilikuwa end month ama ni wasee tu hii Nairobi wana pesa coz the place was so packed! To make matters worse, we went in late so there was literally no sitting space. We literally had to steal other people’s chairs so we could at least chill for a minute. Wooii!

Ukweli tu, most of the guys in the club were lit by that time. Sisi pale bado tulikuwa sawa as we sipped on our cocktails. I don’t know if it’s just me, but nowadays when I go out, I like to just observe people and look around at what’s happening. Luckily, we were seated at the dance floor and I had the perfect view. Some people were dancing really well but I noticed this one guy who was insisting on vibing and wanting to dance with this shawty but she kept refusing. Shida ni huyu mguyz manze ni kama hakuwa anaget. He kept sizing her, I mean she had worn a nice, short body con dress but that was not an invitation for anyone to insist on getting a dance. At least in my head.

Kidogo my pal tapped my shoulder and told me we should go say hi to some of her friends who were seated at the outer section. At that point, nilikuwa nimezubaa aje pale kwa dance floor? We got up and made our way outside. As we were enjoying the music, I heard some chic standing next to our table yelling asking this dude why he thinks he has the right to spank her. In his drunken state the guy asked her why she had dressed the way she had dressed. I was appalled! So guys started arguing and exchanging words. Before things got too heated, my friend and I rushed back inside. Kujiprotect lazima juu unajua hizo ndio masaa things go wrong and pick pocketers take advantage of you.

My two cents when people go out, the intention is usually to have a good time. So when you see a lady dressed a certain type of way, just admire from a far and let her be. Don’t feel obligated to talk to her or force yourself on her. That’s wrong. Stick to your lane, have fun, keep to yourself and go home masaa zikifika.

I’d love to know, what do you guys think?



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