What Is Silent Disco And Why Is It Even A Thing?

February 20, 2018 - 0 Comments

I remember the first time my sister came home and told me she had gone to a club where everyone was in wireless headphones and it was liiiitttt!!! I just looked at her like

Honestly, I thought she was crazy because what is the essence of going to a club and wearing headphones? Aren’t you supposed to be listening to some loud banging music or something?

So one time we went out with my friends and the joint we were at, guys were having a silent disco party. After much, muuuccchhh thought I finally caved in and decided to try out this silent disco thing to see if it was really worth the hype.


My goodness!!!

Yaani, I have never had such a thrilling experience in my life. Ukweli tu, it is definitely worth the hype! So this is how it simply works. You enter a club and you see a whole lot of people with wireless headphones flickering a blue, green or red light. What’s happening is that there are three DJ’s each assigned a frequency and a colour. The party revelers are free to change the frequencies and choose whichever music they want to listen to by simply switching the frequency on the wireless headphones. In a way, this brings the element of competition amongst the DJ’s because if a lot of  people are tuned into the red channel, the other two DJ’s will strive to change or mix up their music so that guys switch to their channels. At silent discos, it’s not about what the DJ likes but what the audience wants.

These kinds of parties are becoming increasingly popular in Nairobi but they especially favor people who don’t like very loud music since you can control the volume of the music on your headphones, and also those guys willing to try out a different experience. If you wanna have a taste of the experience, you can visit clubs like Kiza or Onyx. Be open minded about trying this coz trust me, it’s lit!

Let me veer off a bit. In case you have a brilliant idea that you’ve always wanted to execute, lemme tell you a little something. William Petz, the man behind the silent disco concept first discovered it when he was on a cruise with his family to the Bahamas. Coming from an IT background, he took an idea he believed in and was capable of executing and ran with it. So my people, if you have a great idea and you have a gut feeling that it will succeed, GO AHEAD AND DO IT! There will never be a perfect time to do anything, so might as well just start now. Either way if you don’t succeed, you just pick up the pieces, gain the experience, learn the lesson and try again. Life ni moja manze, usipitwe!







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