Start an African Jewellery business?

April 24, 2018 - 1 Comments

As a young person, getting a white collar job in Nairobi is becoming more of a struggle each day. Because of that, some youth have ventured into the matatu, movie shop, smokie business among many other jobs considered as odd, even though they pay well.

Not to worry though if you are a fashion lover. Did you know that you can make money off your hobby? I’ll give you an example and break it down for you on how you can do that.

African Jewellery business!

Yes, African jewellery can only be replicated but not duplicated. A lot of people nowadays love to rock African beads be it at school, events or even places of worship.

So how can you make money out of this?

For this business to succeed, one has to cater to everyone’s needs from small kids to their mothers and grandmothers. Also, try and create unisex pieces because you don’t want your male clients to feel like they aren’t catered for.

Sell yourself by wearing your jewellery. The way you dress is your marketing strategy. Find people who can wear your stuff, people who you think have the same fashion sense as you do. Also attend fashion events and exhibitions to get the word out.

With a budget of Ksh. 10,000 you can start by buying beads and make custom bangles, anklets, belts among many other beautiful accessories. Once you have established your target audience you will be able to sell approximately 20 to 50 of your bead accessories with the prices ranging from Ksh. 200 to Ksh. 1,500 depending on the mark up you have put. That being said, approximately in one month, one will look to make an average of Ksh. 50,000.

Now that you know how much money you can make from that African jewellery making hobby, how about you convert that hobby to your hustle?


Just remember, business is not easy, especially in the first few months. It requires sacrifice for it to grow and flourish. Initiative and creativity are also really important when starting a business, especially when you’re competing with more established brands than yours. Competition is good for growth because it pushes you to differentiate your product from everyone else to attract customers.

Let’s make mullah this 2018 ama?


  • Nerea Omulimi February 11, 2019 at 11:24 am

    The article is quite encouraging. It prompts on to take action and never give up. Thank for sharing.


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