“Strong Friends”

August 21, 2017 - 1 Comments

They are the people with the biggest smile, tightest hugs and mostly they are the ones who are the most cheerful and ready to help, they are our “Strong friends.” We mostly assume that they have everything going well for them but is this the real truth?

At a young age, my friend Jane lost her mum, her best friend. She felt like a huge cloud had taken over, ” Who is going to protect me now? Who am i going to talk to about the challenges am facing?” she could often ask herself.

Through the years, she could feel something change, something dark grew inside her. She made an attempt to talk to a friend, a family member but coming from an African decent, such things were an heard of. “You just making things up.” one said ” She is only looking for attention.” said another. This forced her to lift her head high and move forward.

A smile here and a hello there was the routine but nothing seemed to change. The ever smiling Jane, Our “Strong friend” Jane was just a small girl crying for help from the inside. “How can i ask for help without someone judging me?” she asked. If only i took that chance to ask my “Strong friend” Jane, how she is doing and get to know what’s behind her big smile, we could be able to share that cup of coffee.

You see! If we took five minutes out of our busy day to check up on each other, it can make a big impact in someone’s life. Half of the time our “Strong friends” are the ones who need help. A problem shared is a problem half solved.



  • Dougie August 25, 2017 at 12:17 am

    And on this note..,

    How are you Mwalimu?
    How you doing?!


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