The Deadly Monster That Is Social Media

September 26, 2018 - 0 Comments

There is a new disease in town…don’t be duped into thinking of a kawaida disease like malaria na common cold…Naongelea the ratchet killer that social media has become. So kama umekaa hapo ukifikiria what will kill you one day, be damned! Social media may just be what will take your dear soul away.

First came Facebook. As much as we would like to thank the inventor, we have enough reasons for being mad at him. This is where all the madness started. Many on Facebook feel the need to let us know how eventful their lives are. They post everything, from the most confidential details about themselves, to all the crap that we have no business reading about. They post pictures of
them when having what they think are ‘grand times’ and invite us to give our views. Si ati nawaonea, but seriously, we already know you are a party animal. Why do you keep reminding
us? *Rolls eyes*

Then came Twitter. Hapa kitu inaitwa chills hakuna hata kidogo. Hapa ni troll city. These streets are not safe fam. Huku kila mse ako na opinion about everything. Kenyans on Twitter aka KOT ni experts in everything. Hapa hata you don’t need Google. They strike at the slightest provocation. So what does the new security bill suggest? Which celeb was caught pants down at Masaku Sevens? You want wrong information about the above? Easy, KOT. It’s fair to argue that most of them are incompetent people masquerading as intellectuals. They are mostly politically incorrect and I’m convinced they would make the worst leaders, given the opportunity. Apparently, if you want to trend, even if for the wrong reasons, Twitter is your go to social media channel. Do something that they deem as ‘good fodder”, you will curse the day you were born. They invent new insults every day, and before you know it, ‘insults’ is your middle name. Not even celebrities and prominent personalities are safe in these streets. You don’t want to mess with Tweeps, and specifically KOT.

Enough of Facebook and Twitter, kuna Instagram. Have you ever had a bad day and thought it couldn’t get any worse? Well, it gets worse when you log in to the gram. Hapa ni uongo and show off tu. Users of this app want the whole world to know who they hang out with, what food they eat, which high-end restaurants they frequent, which celebrities they are friends with…the list is endless. They post pictures of them having what they think are ‘times of their lifetime’ holding bottles of liquor close to their faces, as if their lives were dependent on it (Ok. I’m hating now. LOL! These guys ‘do it for the gram’. So if you want to feel the pressures of life, the ‘good life’ to be specific, this is your app.

Of course kuna apps zingine mob. Siwezi taja zote leo. Hehehe.

I’m not saying social media is a bad thing. All I’m saying is, you don’t need to feel the pressure of living a fantasy life. Don’t live a lie. Live according to your means. Pima suti size yako fam. Haitaki pressure.

So, what do you think of social media? We uko kwa app gani? Inakupelekaje? Sema uskike.

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