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The laid back company culture has grown significantly over the years: and this brings us to the question, what does business casual mean anymore?

Ask your parents; they will tell you they wore suits from Monday through to Friday and they were happy to do so since that is what the employees required at the time and it would probably score you a point for looking as sharp.

But times are changing and people keep evolving; and so progress was made and it started with casual Friday’s! Where you were allowed to rock your t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and a bit of attitude to the office but just for one day, then on Monday we go back to “Normal”.  But now a good percentage of employees/companies are based on different beliefs and because of this reason what you wear to work is no longer a question but your performance is. Whether or not you work in such an establishment how you dress will determine how you feel about yourself.


So here are tips on how to look descent, sophisticated, and stylish as you grind!


Source: Julie Gichuru/Instagram

Source: Edith Kimani/Instagram

Source: Neomi Ng’ang’a/Instagram

Source: Massawe Japanni/Instagram

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