The Nduthi Biz

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If by now you do not know what a nduthi is, you need to be deported. Ok, jokes, let me help you out. Nduthi also known as boda boda or boda refers to a motorcycle in the sheng language. People who use this mode of transport may be referred to as the nduthi gang (*insert Lil Pump’s Gucci gang*).

This is the most preferred means of transport in areas with bad roads or where there is usually heavy traffic. Additionally, nduthis are regarded as the most convenient option when in a hurry (kuhepa jam ka umechelewa system and works, si unaelewa?).

Fast and Furious

Wacha tusichelewe sana.

It may be argued that the number of nduthi riders is extremely high, but this is one of the leading employer for the many youths seeking their daily bread and improving their lives. Nduthi riders take home different amounts based on their ujanja in the biz or working hours. Those who work late at night are more likely to earn higher amounts than those who go home early. This is because late at night there is higher demand (kwa wale hawatambui uber, taxify na hizo taxi zinatumia apps).

On the down side, there are many cases of traffic laws and safety violations, and serious accidents involving the nduthi gang, making law enforcers super strict on the sector.

Data from the Motorcycle Assemblers Association of Kenya (MAAK) indicate that the nduthi industry raked in close to Ksh 219 billion in 2017. The association further approximates that each rider earns averagely a G (Ksh 1,000) daily.

Nicki Minaj

Not bad HUUUUH!!!?

Lakini pia kuna story lazima tuongelee!! Have you ever tried having a convo with a nduthi guy? Na hiyo upepo? It’s normally something like;

Nduthi guy: Unaona vile barabara zimeharibika?

What you hear: Kkkkkrrrrsshhh sssshhhuuu zzzzaaaa? *and then you nod in agreement. SMH!!

Julius Malema

What are you saying bruh?

Don’t let me get started on the issues the girl child faces! First, galdem anataka kukatiwa the whole journey. Saa hizo hajiski na hizo story. In fact, nduthi guy anamkatsia, hata ana wish ingekuwa na partition kama limo na speed ikuwe ile ya lightening, afike destination very first. Secondly, there’s that stench that comes from their jackets, reflectors and helmets. Alafu mtu anataka uvae hizo vitu? Ndiyo ukuwe mgonjwa?


Lastly, galdem kuteseka kupanda na kukalia nduthi, kwanza na short skirt or dress. IssaPROBLEM! So, the galdem is not sure if she’s to sit facing the side or with legs apart, dilemma? IKR! Anyway, all in all, there’s always a solution and the journey is always completed (not without drama sana sana)

What you need

  • A nduthi (or more if you can afford).
  • Rider(s)
  • Relevant documents (for the nduthi and operation)
  • Safety equipment (reflectors and helmets)
  • Suitable location for operation
  • Follow traffic and safety rules

Ever had an interesting nduthi experience? Tell us! We’d love a good chuckle.

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