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February 25, 2020 - 0 Comments

She sits at the balcony, just close enough to dandia Jamo, the boy next door’s Wi-Fi. Sandy is glued to her phone's screen, she’s going through a regret letter. This is the third time she’s receiving such a response after making over 20 applications for entry level jobs and internships in a span of four weeks. Same old story, just a different day. "A Bachelor in Commerce degree from a reputable institution of higher learning will help me land a good job", so she thought. It's almost two years now since she graduated, there's still no hope of landing a formal employment opportunity. From physically dropping CVs and cover letters to filling forms on popular job sites and sending email applications as instructed on job adverts posted in WhatsApp job groups, she's basically done it all. Sandra is just a drop in an ocean of Kenyan graduates who are at the verge of giving up on their job such endeavors after numerous unsuccessful attempts. Every year, hundreds of graduates celebrate their milestone after years of toil and hard work. Their Joy is however short-lived after they realize Situation kwa ground huwa different.

Courtesy : Jeff Angote, Business Daily

The story on how Kenya’s unemployment rate is increasing every day continues to be told. You may lack the work experience needed or connections muhimu to get you any job so far but there’s still hope, there are other things you can do to increase your chances as stated below,

Whether you are a graduate or still in school, having a commendable skill set is important since that is what will make you stand out from the crowd. Work on getting those practical skills, a good transcript is impressive but not enough. Spend more time in the field shooting some short clips as you work on your camera handling skills dear film maker. Some of these things will never be learnt in a single lecture or even in your entire campus time. This is where You tube and the internet as a whole comes in handy, you'll be surprised how many skills you can pick up from a single YouTube video.


Najua struggle ni real But accept hizo internships even if they are unpaid because the kind of experience you get from them is better than staying at home waiting for a better option. If you can afford to, Volunteer as much as you can, atakama utaitwa KYM ( Kanda Ya Moko) persevere and keep moving. After all, nothing good comes easy.

Another thing is your CV, I know most young job seekers fresh off College have very little to write about on their work experience but at least put some effort when writing your CV. Highlight all the major skills acquired in school and during the industrial attachment, backing it up with referees/links to the work you've done as evidence. Avoid listing skills you do not possess so as to flatter the employer. A CV should be an honest description of yourself. Also remember to attach a cover letter in every application you make unless instructed otherwise.

Networking is also important because it provides a platform for you to learn & meet up with potential employers. Try to attend at least a few networking events and workshops that happen in school or at a place near you, unaweza angukia interview kimchezo mchezo tu!

Also as we wait on getting our dream jobs let’s not be too picky and do whatever comes your way, huwezi jua that opportunity might actually be the stepping stone you need to get to where you want to be. Never give up! Keep Pushing until you get there.

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