To Go Out Or Not To Go Out

May 04, 2018 - 0 Comments

When someone mentions Friday night, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For a lot of young guys, probably going out and having a good time with your friends. At least that’s how I used to view my Fridays. Now, don’t get me wrong, going out is totally okay as long as you have fun responsibly.

Allow me to pick your brain just a little bit. Have you ever thought of other fun activities you could engage in instead of going out partying? Let’s explore some, shall we?

A late night dinner date. Imagine going with your friend or significant other to a 24 hour joint/restaurant and just having dinner. The best thing about late night dates is that the place is usually not crowded and you can be able to have a private moment with your significant other. If you’re in Nairobi you can try out a place like Chicken Inn Westlands.

This other activity is a bit dependent on like the weather and all but think about having some nice cold ice cream late at night at a place like Cold Stone on Mama Ngina Street. How cool is that? They are usually open till 10:00 pm so better plan yourself well to avoid disappointment.

Also, you can also stay at home and have some fun with your peoples. You can play interesting games like monopoly, poker or even video games. As far as I know, you can stay up the whole night playing monopoly. Just make sure you have enough food and drinks to go around. Some nice music too would be nice so that people don’t have to feel the pressure of talking the whole night.

If you actually decide to give some of these outdoor activities a try, I would suggest you use a cab. In this era of Uber and Taxify you can afford to move around safely and not fear being mugged in the dingy street corners. Also, don’t drink and drive. Remember, you literally only live once. You can’t repeat life.

So guys tell me, how do you spend your Friday evenings?

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