Too Much For The Gram?

March 05, 2018 - 0 Comments

The other day I was at an event and I met this guy who’s an entrepreneur. So after a bit of chit chat, he had to leave. Since I wanted to understand his business more and even get to promote him, I asked him for his social media handles so I could check him out. This is how a lot of conversations end in today’s world. Or say a boy likes a certain girl, he’ll go on IG and stalk her a little bit. See what kind of photos she posts and what kind of content she likes. I mean, social media is the best way to know a person without even asking them about themselves lol!

Now there’s some people on the gram who like to flex a lil bit and would do anything for a couple of likes and comments, even post a nude or two. Keeping in mind that the internet never forgets, what do you think about putting nudes up on social media? Ama kila msee aishi vile anaona fit? Mimi ukweli tu sijui mbona wasee hupost manudes.

Then there is this other group of people, whenever they are in a relationship and things go south, they take all the drama to social media. They not only air all their dirty linen on social media, but they unwillingly invite other people to participate in the feud too. Now you know how much people naturally love drama. Give them something to talk about and they will dissect you a good one!

Hii Nairobi lakini kuna maninjas aisee! Have you ever come across a short video on IG of like a real robbery that took place in your hood or a place that you’re conversant with? Of course the footage is usually shocking, but what shocks me even more is how the film came to be. Yaani who was bold enough to film such a thing? Mimi my first instinct would be to ruuunnnnn!!!

Lemme ask you, would you lie just to trend or get people talking about you? Some guys make up stories in their head then come and lie to us about how they met Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue. Boy bye!

The next one is funny coz I have literally gone through it. So someone DM’s you and when you check out their profile you’re like “He real cute!” Mara he lives in the States, mara he got swag for dayyysss!!! Eehh too hot to handle. Conversation continues smoothly until one day you get curious and check his followers. Aaii mara si Nimo, Justo na Kagz. Eehh you get into stalking mode where you find yourself on his sister’s, aunt’s, boyfriend’s, best friend’s page. Kumbe he’s just a kawa guy trying to lure you as a different person!!! Mandem keshapatikana LOL!

What are some of the weirdest things you’ve seen people post on the Gram and you’re just like



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