What Does Valentine Mean to You??

February 13, 2020 - 0 Comments

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. It's that time of the year where gift shops, holiday destinations and restaurants cash in big on people who live up to the day's expectations.

Well everyone has their own definition of this special day, from which they derive their expectations. Kuna Mbogi inajua Valentine ni siku yah Madem, ingine inajua ni siku official ya twatwatwa na ingine inajua ni siku yah kucelebrate your loved one either family, friend or lover.

Valentine Meaning

Valentine’s Day is a day set aside to celebrate love and it’s for this reason that some choose to show extra love and affection to their loved ones. Appreciation and love cards will be shared among family members, friends and lovers. Upholding Valentine’s traditions such as surprise dinner dates, gate-away trips, roses and exchange of gifts are very important to these people. You might get away with not being there for your partner at some other random point in time but not on this particular day. Red is the color associated with romance and hence it is used as a symbol of love on this special day.

Girlfriend’s Day

This category belongs to all those who believe that this is a special day to spoil and appreciate their women. Ladies love affection, they want to feel loved and cared for and on this occasion words only won't do the trick. There so much giving involved and very little receiving from a guys end. Hapa Ndio Boychild Huumia!

Surprises here range from getaway trips to some romantic destination, dinner arrangements, expensive gifts, movies etc. depending on the size of your wallet and the type of woman you have. For some unlucky men their relationship will end in tears this weekend due to lack of money or their inability to meet their Bae’s Valentine’s expectations.

Social media is also not making things easier for any of the parties, standards zimesetiwa hapo, wacha tuh! But then again, kuna Men’s Conference or is it Women’s Conference? The good thing with this generation nowadays is we aren’t forcing issues .When women were busy chanting Step up or Step Down men decided not to show up at all leading to the formation of the Men’s Conference which starts on 14th and ends on 15th. We don’t know how the turn up was last year but with how things kwa Social media zinaka nikama this year attendance will increase. For the ladies not wanting to be at the losing end, this year will see the premier of the Women’s Conference 2020.Seems we all gonna meet back home on the 16th kwa social media lakini najua kwa ground vitu zitakuwa different.

Official TwaTwaTwa Day

The other group ni ile Mbogi inajuwa Valentine’s Day ni ile siku yah kukuta vitu. I don’t know where it is written or which rule book they follow but for them nothing comes automatic like twatwaiing. You'll be surprised to hear that a notable number of guys just wanna hit it at most, and if possible, parade their trophy on the socials. They don’t mind showing up with a gift or any barbaric requests within their reach as long as iyo siku amepekejeng. If they have just started a relationship, for them this is their best time to do a road test and check if everything is ok for them to continue pursuing the person.


Many people assume that Valentine’s Day must be a dull or a sad day for those who are single. Well, just because you are alone doesn’t mean you are in fact lonely and miserable, you can choose to  join hundreds of other singles out there who’ll be treating themselves and marking the day  as a way to celebrate the milestones they've achieved along the way. Who knows, you might get lucky and link up with another single person while at it, talk about getting lonely together!

No matter where you fall, I believe one doesn't need to break the bank or go to the extremes of borrowing to have a nice Valentine’s Day. There are a thousand ways to show someone you love and really appreciate what you've got going on together. Valentine’s should be a day of both giving and receiving as we express our love for each other  and if everybody does their part, then what a merry day Valentine's will turn out to be! Let's paint the town red come Friday.

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