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For your information ladies next time you order a drink have this in mind.

  1. Mayengs wa Vodka a.k.a Vodo: A woman who drinks vodka is unfussy, sure, and is not looking for validation. This women are easy to talk to, hung out with.
  2. Wine: you are not really a drinker “Unapenda tu kuchokoza”. You are seductive, alluring, feminine, classy, mature, and sophisticated.
  3. Beer: if you drink beer girl! You have been drinking for a while! You are cheerful, fun, and carefree; Men love your company because also you might know a thing or two about football.
  4. Cocktails: you are pretentious, you love attention but you are not the life of the party.
  5. Cream Liquor: You think you are better than others, you are judgmental but also feminine. Just like the drink you are sweet and pricey.
  6. Shots: You love having your shot in the company of women, so that you can giggle and hug all night (UDAKU), you are a social butterfly, you are low maintenance, reckless, drink more than you should and can’t stand to be alone.
  7. Scotch: A bar or drinking is not new to you, you have thoroughly lived your days and now you don’t drink but taste alcohol, you have a refined taste and can hold your alcohol together.

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