MRX Media Limited is a youth movement that focuses on empowerment through Finance Literacy,Talent Management and Enterprise Development as well as Connect brands to the youth.  

Sparked by Mwalimu Rachel's passion for the Kenyan youth, MRX Media is a youth culture movement that seeks to empower the youth to be more as well as connect brands to the youth.

MRX Media LTD is a collaboration of:

Passion and enthusiasm for the youth
Unique creative solutions to meet the clients’ needs
Professional quality services

Our Products

Digital Marketing

Influencer Marketing
Strategy Consultancy

Experiential Marketing

Event Emceeing
Direct consumer engagements

Radio Mentions

Voice Overs
Radio Mentions

how we will do it

    Creation and sharing of pictures with your brand as the main attraction.Driving interesting discussions and facts about your products on live chats and videos on the social media platforms.Driving awareness of your brands and product through influencer campaigns.


    Exciting youth oriented experiences like treasure hunts, campus tours.Youth events such Themed parties, sport events, campus nights.

  • Radio Mentions

    Engaging top radio stations that are associated with the 18 -24 age group. Ensuring that your product campaign(s) are driven on various youth inspired shows repeatedly to create awareness

Why Partner With Us?

Inspire. Connect

  • Reach and Numbers

    Using Mwalimu Rachel as our main ambassador we are able to reach an audience of about 107K on various social media platforms.

  • Connect

    We have a track record of being able to connect with the youth and their agendas as witnessed in the 2016 SOMA Awards where we were nominated.

  • Experience

    Having been in the industry for more than 10 years we have gathered knowledge and experience thus ensuring that your brand gets the most on media and digital coverage.

Our Clients

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