Why You Might Want To Consider the Smokie Business

March 26, 2018 - 1 Comments

Growing up, what did you want to become? I’m sure most of us, if not all, aspired to be doctors, engineers, lawyers, you know the drill. The reason why people go for such careers is because they’re perceived to be prestigious and well paying.

You don’t have to wait to be employed, you can start your own business. Yes! Click here to see the ingredients that you need.

Have you ever sat and thought about those other odd jobs in Kenya that pay equally well? Have you ever thought that you could be engaged somewhere else as you look for that white collar job?

Walking through the streets of Nairobi you will find movie shop business (Read more on how you can start that business Here), have you ever wondered why the number of smokie sellers has drastically increased in the past year? Well, the reason is simple, it’s a highly profitable business and its peak hours are mainly in the evening. This therefore means that you can do it as a part time job ukishamalizana na ile 9-5 yako. I mean, at the end of the day, aren’t we all here to make money?

So what exactly is this business all about and how much money can you make out of it? Let me break it down for you:

Budget and requirements

-A smokie grilling machine goes for roughly Ksh 5,000

-A packet of smokies which contains 22 pieces costs Ksh 330

-A tray of eggs costs 300 bob (That’s if you decide to diversify and include boiled eggs)

-Kachumbari (Onions, chilli, tomatoes, dhania) will cost you about Ksh 100 per day

-Tomato sauce and Chilli sauce. It’s advisable to buy the 5 liter ones to cut costs

How much profit can you make on average?

Let’s say on average, you sell 5 packets of smokies daily and each smokie costs 25 bob, at the end of the day you make Ksh 2,750. After you deduct the expenses, you end up with a profit of about Ksh 1,000.

If you decide to sell eggs then your profits will be elevated. On average, if you sell 2 trays of eggs per day (60 eggs) with each egg costing 20 bob, you will make Ksh 1,200. After deduction of the expenses, you end up with a profit of about Ksh 600.

Therefore, the total profit per day from the sale of both smokies and eggs will add up to Ksh 1,600. Per month, you can be able to make up to Ksh 48,000.

Most Suitable places to locate your business are:

-Near bus stops and stages

-Areas around learning institutions

-Around bars and clubs

-Near hospitals and industrial areas


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