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Let me tell you a story about my friend, Emily. After graduating from college, she struggled to find a job in her field. She applied to countless positions, went on numerous interviews, and even interned at a few companies, but nothing seemed to stick. Then, she heard about an organization that was looking for volunteers to help with their mission. The catch? They promised that after a certain amount of time volunteering, there was a high likelihood of being offered a job within the organization.


Emily decided to take a chance and volunteer with the organization. Not only did she find the work fulfilling and enjoyable, but she also made connections with the staff and learned valuable skills that she could apply to future job opportunities. And as promised, after six months of volunteering, she was offered a full-time job with the organization.

This experience illustrates the benefits of volunteering with the promise of a job. For those struggling to find employment, it can provide a foot in the door and a chance to gain valuable experience and connections within a particular industry or organization. It also allows individuals to give back to their community and make a difference while they search for employment. Moreover, volunteering with the promise of a job can also benefit the organization itself. They get a chance to observe the volunteer’s work ethic and abilities before making a hiring decision. This ensures that they are hiring someone who is a good fit for the organization and has already demonstrated their dedication to its mission.


In conclusion, volunteering with the promise of a job is a win-win situation for both the individual and the organization. It provides an opportunity for individuals to gain experience and connections while making a positive impact on their community, and it allows organizations to observe potential hires before making a decision. So, would I volunteer in an organization with the promise of a job? Absolutely! It’s a great way to give back while also advancing one’s career prospects.





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