• How Seriously Do You Take Your Mental Health?

    In most Kenyan families, people who suffer from mental health conditions are hidden from the world. They are held with little regard and are mostly perceived as a…

    26 October Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Panoramic and Bucket List Worthy Travel Destinations in Central Kenya

    Central Kenya is one of the most underrated yet utterly vibrant travel destination. There’s well more than a gazillion sights to behold; from picturesque waterfalls, breathtaking ranges, panoramic…

    11 October Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • The Deadly Monster That Is Social Media

    There is a new disease in town…don’t be duped into thinking of a kawaida disease like malaria na common cold…Naongelea the ratchet killer that social media has become.…

    26 September Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Be a Saving Junkie

    How often do we take into account planning forward financially? (read saving) Seeing as most folk now need the proverbial nine lives to get over the monster of…

    18 September Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Blaze BYOB Summit Heads to Kisumu Dala

    Blaze BYOB Summits are single day mentorship events focusing on the youth. The summits are held in different cities and towns, and bring together ambitious youth who aim…

    22 August Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Nobody Can Stop Reggae

    “Nobody can stop Reggae”. These are the unforgettable words of one of Africa’s son, and legend, Lucky Dube (RIP). In the same breath, we may say Reggae music…

    07 August Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Infinix Note 5! “Beyond Intelligent”

    Infinix Mobility in collaboration with Google launched the new Infinix Note 5 in Burj Khalif, Dubai. The new device primarily targets the African market. This is due to…

    10 July Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Imagine Life Without Your Smartphone

    Have you ever experienced motherboard failure on your smartphone? Or worse still, your phone gets snatched as you’re running errands in the CBD.  Ulisikiaje? I’m sure ulifeel nikama…

    06 July Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • NO! Football Is Not ‘Just A Game’

    “Babe, don’t get upset! It’s just a game.” That’s what she said. IMAGINE!! Please *Sssssshhhh!! No! Football is not ‘just a game’, it is life (Ok! maybe not,…

    20 June Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Hyperhidrosis- A ‘Sweaty’ Subject!

    Have you ever been all sweaty and haujui ni kwa nini? Alafu you assume labda jua inachoma sana, kuna joto, umekunywa maji mob, ama you’re just different? Have…

    12 June Posted by MRX ADMIN
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